First driven hunt this year
28 October 2014, 20:10

Pologne 2014 – Petit

Red deer rut 2014
14 October 2014, 16:10

High seat on wheels
3 April 2012, 16:04

High seat on the wheels may be interesting for somebody. A compact version is being prepared.

SIZE (device ready for transport):

Length  A        .           .           .           5571 mm

Width  B          .           .           .           2107 mm

Heighth  C      .           .           .           3300 mm max

SIZE (device during work):

Lenght  A        .           .           .           5571 mm

Width  B          .           .           .           5200 mm

Heigth  C        .           .           .           6780 mm max


Length .           .           .           .           2507mm

Width              .           .           .           1900mm

Surface           .           .           .           4,75m2

Heigth .           .           .           .           2250mm


Total weight    .          .           .           2400 kg

Hoisting capa city of sicissor lift         590 kg

Cabin weight   .           .           .           350 kg

TIRE: 175/65  R14  98

THE MOBILE HUNTING BLIND is a device made-up on an reinforced chassis of a car trailer transported by an off-road car equipped with a tow hook.

The hunting blind has hydraulically stabilized hydraulically operated scissor lift which lifting the cabin.

The cabin is insulated, equipped with heating, lighting and 12 V wiring system with sockets life for car fighter.

Additional options according to the clients requests covers between other television set, refrigerator, couch/small table, air conditioner, etc.

The possibility to use military camouflage and other military equipment is also considered between options.


Watch turret

Photographers observation points

All temporary observation points


AUTO-HIT Sp. z o. o.

KS – MAKÓW – Konstrukcje Stalowe

ul. Przasnyska 77
Oddział Maków Mazowiecki
06-200 Maków Maz.

NIP 646-10-09-798
KRS 0000062602
Kapitał Zakładowy: 900 000zł

ready to use

on a chassis


(Polski) Wabienie gęsi przy użyciu wabików naturalnych
22 September 2011, 10:09

(Polski) Współpraca w zakresie polowań zbiorowych
18 July 2011, 22:07

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Roe buck season summary
6 June 2011, 13:06

Roe buck hunting in May keeps on attracting many clients from all across Europe. This year, our agency hosted hunters from Denmark, France, Belgium and Spain and helped them to experience new hunting adventures in Poland. Many of them were lucky enough to bring back home great trophies (not to mention great memories, of course!). We’ll try to show some of them to the general audience, so please feel free to visit us and take a look!

(Polski) Mistrzostwa Europy w grze na rogu myśliwskim 2012
15 April 2011, 10:04

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(Polski) Medalowy dzik
29 March 2011, 09:03

Hummel Travel in Spain
10 March 2011, 13:03

We spent a lot of time on traveling and looking for new hunitng destinations at the beginning of this year. We traveled a lot inside and outside Poland. After completing our Scandinavian journey we headed Spain.

Our hunting agency’s goal was to check the hunting possibilities in that country. We spent more than a week  in northern Spain, getting to know the hunting areas, learning the mountain game’s habits and looking for appropriate accomodations. We were invited to see a traditional collective hunt – monteria – and to participate in a small game hunt. With the help of our Spanish guides we also had a chance to stalk and admire ibex in the mountains.

The material we collected will be successively published on this website.

Please contact us if you are interested in a hunt in Spain – we will prepare a special offer adapted to you!

We can offer the following hunting possibilites:

- individual mountain game hunt:

  • ibex (Capra ibex, Capra pyrenaica)
  • barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia)
  • chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)

- small game hunt – wild rabbits (with the use of European polecats), hares, pheasants, partridges

- collective hunt – monteria – in Aragon and Andalusia

Hummel Travel on a Road Show in Scandinavia
10 January 2011, 14:01

Our agency took part in an international hunting exhibition called Road Show. The show took place from 5th until 10th of January, 2011, and was organised by our Danish partner – Buhls Jagtrejser. The main idea of this tour was visiting 5 different places in Danmark before the final exhibition in Lund (southern Sweden). Throughout the show we’ve enjoyed the interest of more than 800 clients who could become familiar with our hunting offer, learn some details about the chosen hunting grounds and plan their hunting adventures in Poland with our help.