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Poland is one of the biggest countries in Europe and one of the most varied in landscape. There are extensive mountain forest, marshy lowlands alongside the rivers, lakes with a dense growth of reeds and agricultural areas with long hedgerows. All these factors, combined with a relatively mild climate, contribute to Poland’s impressively large and diverse game population.

Hunting in Poland is not governed by right of ownership. Any Polish hunting association that has a minimum of 10 hunters can rent a hunting area. Some associations have more than 30.000 hectares of grounds at their disposal, but the required minimum is 3 000 hectares. Hunting associations or hunting clubs in daily speaks pay hunting rent to the state, but also have to pay compensation to farmers and the forest authority for any kind of damage the game animals cause to crops or trees. An overpopulation of deer and boar can do considerable damage at great cost, so to keep the balance in their books, the hunting club sells a part of their shooting plan to hunters from abroad. A typical hunting club sells a certain numbers of roebucks, a few stags in the rutting period and often a couple of driven hunts.

There are many well-organized hunting clubs, rich in game, but of course, with more than 2.500 hunting clubs, the quality can be very variable and the skill is to discover the right ones. Hummel Travel has more than 25 years of hunting experience, so we dare to claim that we have some of the very best areas, witch year after year provide top quality hunting.

Hummel Travel arranges hunts all over Poland, so if you have particular wishes in terms of locations, we can usually satisfy them.

Hunting outside Poland

Unlike most of the Polish hunting agencies, Hummel Travel is also capable of organizing your hunting adventures outside Poland. We will be happy to use our broad international contacts gained by a regular participation in some of the biggest international hunting fairs and events to find a hunt that suits you.

See below for some examples of the most typical hunting destinations:

- Namibia

- Canada

- Russia

- Argentina

- Scotland

This is not a complete list of our possibilities, so please feel free to contact us.

We will do our best to find the most suitable solution at a reasonable price.

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If you are about to make a first hunting tour in Poland, we recommend you to take a look at some useful tips for newcomers.

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