A basic know-how about hunting in Poland

A basic know-how about hunting in Poland – some useful tips.

  • When setting out for a roe-buck hunt, take your hunting stick along; a good mosquito repellent will also be of great use
  • Wild boar hunting will be the most effective at full moon. Always check the following moon phases before you choose the period of your stay
  • A bigger group always has bigger chances during a driven hunt. That’s because the beats in Poland tend to have a big surface A group of less than 12-14 hunters may sometimes be unable to cover with fire the entire available shooting area. The game then finds a gap between the posted hunters which allows it to escape easily and unharmed from the sector.
  • It is highly recommended to take some practice on moving targets at a shooting range before the driven hunt season begins. Even the most experienced hunters do that
  • Remember to choose an appropriate calibre and scope for each type of animal. Using a small-diameter scope at dusk may make your hunt difficult or even impossible if you intend to continue it at nighttime. On a driven hunt, on the contrary, you should use a smaller scope – Polish hunting regulations allow using a maximum enlargement of 3 times! Collimators and red points are allowed.
  • The maximum shooting distance allowed is 200m.
  • You will need a set of documents to buy ammunition in Poland – be ready to show your hunting licence, European Firearms Pass and identity card. Please remember that some of the calibres (like 8.68 for example) aren’t popular in Poland and getting them may take some time. The most popular calibres in our country are e.g. .300, .308, 7.62 or 30-06.
  • Agricultural lands cover many regions in Poland. Crops and vegetation are likely to make your hunt more difficult at some time of the year, providing a natural shelter to roe deers or wild boars. Please keep that in mind when choosing the date of your hunt.
  • Laser sights and night-vision sights are forbidden in Poland. You may only use a night-vision observation devices.