Driven hunt

Driven hunt

Driven hunt is the most exciting yet the most dangerous type of hunting. Starting in October and lasting until the mid-January, the driven hunt season attracts many hunting tourism’s enthusiasts year after year. It’s a perfect chance to meet your friends and share unforgettable adventures.
A driven hunt will also give you an insight into Polish hunting tradition and typical related ceremonies.

We may offer you some typical driven hunts with traditional beats or combined driven hunts including short beats until early afternoon and individual high-seat hunting afterwards.

Our best driven hunt areas are located in northern and western Poland.

Available game may vary depending on the region you choose, but during most of the hunts you will be allowed to shoot all of the Polish game: wild boars, red deers, fallow deers, roe deers (except for the bucks) and predators.

Safety is the most important thing about driven hunts. See below for a full list of safety measures.

Practical information about driven hunts