Other services

Other services

Cooperating with scientific institutions, supporting wildlife research and observations

Hunting isn’t only about tracking the animals and shooting them. On the contrary, this vast idea has a close relation with ecology and wildlife protection. Our hunting agency doesn’t only work with hunting clubs, but also with scientific institutions, research stations and people related with wild game observations (artists, photographers etc.). Our experience allows us to support scientific projects.

We are able to organize trips and stays for everyone who likes to come to Poland to admire our nature and landscapes, many of them being unique at European level.

Adapting our work to our client’s needs

Our agency is a above all a network of people and companies or institutions working in the field of tourism and hunting. That gives us the ability to combine your hunting stay with many other activities. We can make you discover Polish national parks and wildlife reserves or prepare a small shooting competition, thus giving you a possibility to check your skills or make a warm-up before your hunt.