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Hunting agency

About us

Hummel Travel Ltd. is a qualified travel agency specialized in organizing hunting tourism activities. This is our main activity, but the profile of our company allows us to do even more in the field of tourism and hunting (see more services). The agency acts with following licences : tourism agent licence No. 667 issued by Masovia Province Marshal and hunting agency licence No. 256 issued by the Ministry of Environment.

Our history

Hummel Travel was founded in 2004. Compared to many other hunting agencies on the Polish market, it is a relatively young company. Creating it was the next step in my professional career that I have entirely dedicated to hunting tourism. I started my work in 1978 in Orbis Hunting Agency, back then a monopolist. My duties concerned the clients from the Latin countries of Europe. In mid-90′s I worked as a manager of Chassorbis’ Polish agency and then a CEO and co-founder of IST Polska. In 2004, while the company was about to be created, I had to find a proper name for it. I believe without a false modesty that years of work in that business made my name well-known and appreciated among Polish hunting grounds’ holders and foreign associates and clients. Therefore I’ve decided to name my new company after myself.

— Adam Hummel —

The way we work

Our Polish associates are mostly hunting clubs. As for the clients, most of them come to us via foreign specialized hunting agencies. Our main business partners abroad are:

- in Spain – Kavango Safaris

- in Italy – Viaggi di Diana Farfalia Viaggi

- in Denmark - Dahl’s Travel & Tours and Buhls Jagtrejser

- in France and Belgium – Chasser-en-Pologne Jacques Gobet

A well-organized network allows us to make a broad offer of Polish hunting clubs available to our clients. Each year, more than 700 foreign hunters come to Poland using our services.

Our associates can offer their clients many carefully selected hunting grounds across the world.

Work with us!

Anna Grabowska

e-mail: hummel.travel@hummel.it.pl

tel. +48 602364570 (PL, FR, EN)

Adam Hummel

e-mail: adam@hummel.it.pl

tel. +48 602112799 (PL, FR, EN)